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2019-04-23 05:03:17

Tips to prepare for your IELTS exam at home

Its not at all impossible to prepare for IELTS . It is rather easy if you know the right method. You can get your desired bands by simply preparing at home. Yes! You heard it right. I have myself prepared for IELTS and I never went to an IELTS institute. If you are an employee or an employer, then it becomes tough for IELTS candidates to get extra time for study. If you chose to take IELTS coaching from an institution, then you are really bound by the timings and duration of the class.

You will also be feeling tired after you finish of your days work and when you try to concentrate on your IELTS preparation, it becomes quite difficult. If you start coaching in the evening, then you also don’t get enough time for extra practice. If you are one of those who are struggling to get time for IELTS preparation, don’t worry! I have a solution for you.

I will discuss with you the detailed plan through which you can achieve your best results. The guidance of teacher face to face is not that important in the exam of IELTS. If you have the right guidance and study material with you then, no one can stop you to get what you want. This is the era of modern technology and most of the things are done online. Nowadays, myriad of classes is run online. Similarly, IELTS classes can also be accessed online. We provide several different classes and we have uploaded a few videos on youtube and our website from where you can learn treasure of knowledge about IELTS. You can find various videos like Vocabulary for IELTS and PTE which can help you in scoring better in IELTS exam. Not only this one, but we have ample of videos uploaded on youtube channel named “Target 9” which gives information to the masses for all their doubts regarding the exam. You can switch on to our Youtube channel by clicking on IELTS- TARGET 9 .

We are continuously uploading videos on different platforms to make sure that the tricks and tips of IELTS exam reaches everyone free of cost. We don’t charge anything for the videos, and it is there for everyone to see. Anyone can get access to our facebook page Target 9 Educity  as well from where you can download abundance of free study material and videos from the page. To get the material and videos, you just need to like the page and you are good to go.

Apart from the material online, you can also write us a mail and you can mention that what you require and where you are facing the problems. Our experts will go over the phone with you and will discuss about your requirements. Then, we will send you the required study material for all the modules of IELTS. We will send you few books containing more than 20 IELTS Listening and Reading tests and a book containing more than 900 speaking questions and answers plus 100 plus cue card topics. The book also contains solved essays and letters which are latest, and the answers are IELTS examiner approved. The book also has a long list of vocabulary words that will enhance you to get great bands in your exam. This book is a complete package that will aid you to excel in the IELTS exam. “IELTS TREASURE” is the name of the book and is easily available and you can order it by sending us an email at target9educity@gmail.com.

Apart from the material that you can gather, what is more important is that you make a proper routine and follow it every day. It is essential that you don’t put a break to your preparation. I will give you a simple yet effective mantra for perfect preparation. Get up early in the morning and try to start the self-class at 6 AM. Give yourself at least two hours every day. 30 minutes each for speaking practice, writing, reading and listening. If you can manage to do so for a couple of months, then I feel that you have great chances of succeeding in your ambition.

I hope this article will be of great help for those IELTS candidates who are looking to prepare themselves at home.


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