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2019-02-14 05:08:45

IELTS basically stands for “International English Language Testing System”. This test basically tests the proficiency of the candidate in the English language. After testing the candidate in each of the modules, the bands are permitted to each of the examinees. The students are tested on four modules namely. Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. They need to attain certain bands in each of the modules in order to apply for the study visa for foreign countries. We have a wide range of free IELTS preparation material and tools for you. All the modules are not much complicated, but one needs to understand the format of each task of the respective module. The IELTS exam is held very frequently varying with the number of candidates applying for the exam from each of the state. 
The irony of the exam is that some people are proficient enough in the English language but are incapable of clearing the exam. The repetitive failures in the exam can really disappoint the person. The IELTS results are mentored as per the country the candidate is interested in. to score good in IELTS, one needs to stick to a few tricks that can help them in attaining their desired bands.

Some of the IELTS preparation tips that can help the students to score well in the IELTS exam are as given below:

• High vocabulary words: 

  It is very necessary to use high vocabulary words in your writing tasks. No matter how high vocab you have but if you cannot put them in the right context, then it cannot benefit you in any way. This can be improved with the frequent use of certain words while practicing for each of the modules. One can also increase their vocabulary by developing the reading habit no matter it can be some articles, newspaper or magazine but it should be in the English language. While reading, one comes across the various words that are of subtle use. You can underline those words and use them later for your practice tests.

• Cracking IELTS interview:

 This is one the most complicated module by the students since it involves one to one speaking session between the examiner and examinee. The fear of public speaking is a very common problem among people. No matter how well prepared you are, sometimes, you become so nervous in front of the examiner that your brain blanks out and your result worsens. To eradicate such problems, it is advised to practice speaking sessions with your teachers and seniors. More the practice more is your comfort level with different types of questions. Prepare some general questions beforehand so that you can be at least fluent in those answers.

• Understanding the writing tasks format:

 It is very crucial to understand the format of the writing tasks. Sometimes, students go out of the topic and get negative markings for this. Do not try to cram the sample essays but just get the idea behind it and write it with your own ideas and words. Handwriting is a key point in the writing module. One must write in a very legible neat handwriting. Mind it, bad handwriting gets negative marking. While writing any of the tasks, one must take care of the time limits. The tasks must be completed within the prescribed time limit. The minimum word limit for each of the task must be pondered upon for the best scores in the IELTS exam.

• Acknowledge the tips and tricks:

 There are certain tricks and tips for each of the module you learn while IELTS preparation. If one completes the task with that trick, chances are you will get better and improved answers and thus, better result. Learning the tips and tricks is the best thing one can do to attain good marks.

It is not so difficult to attain good marks in IELTS, but one needs to choose the right path to attain their goal. “Practice makes the man perfect.” Consistency and hard work with the blend of smartness are what the IELTS exam requires to get good scores.

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